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Photo Samples

Magnolia Avenue in 1911Magnolia Ave, looking north, 1911
Magnolia Avenue in 1936Magnolia Ave, looking north, 1936
Magnolia Avenue in 1954Magnolia Ave, looking north, 1954


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Golden Gate Cleaners, 1953Golden Gate Cleaners, 1955
Katherine Eubanks Floris, 1983Katherine Eubanks Florist, 1983


INSIDE Larkspur Past and Present

Chapter 1: DOWNTOWN
EXCERPT: “Many of Larkspur’s downtown buildings date to the 1890s, a period of rapid development that was undertaken by a handful of immigrant families. Those original buildings were erected within sight of the little railroad depot on the rural county road that became Magnolia Avenue.”

Downtown spread, pp1-2

Inside Chapter 1: DOWNTOWN
Downtown spread, pp21-22

Downtown spread, pp34-35

Downtown spread, pp42-43